Aircraft Acquisition & Settlement

Aircraft Acquisition & Settlement

No matter it is from a personal or fiscal consideration for you or your company to own a jet, you can always reach us to get a free assessment on this idea.

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Our team of experienced professionals will be able to guide and assist you on your aircraft acquisition and to advise you the best options for you based on your requirements and needs. Funian Aviation has successfully negotiated aircraft acquisitions and have very good working relationship with all major aircraft manufacturers and aircraft financiers.

What We Can Offer


Aircraft Selection
  • Listen to your requirement on cabin comfortableness, frequent travel places and financial planning. Provide neutral advice on aircraft selection and performance comparison by considering operation feasibility in your region.
  • Arrange aircraft introduction and demo flight with the manufacturers.
  • Provide professional advice on cabin configuration/equipment and aircraft avionic equipment options to ensure the highest standard of safety and cabin experience.
  • Negotiate aircraft purchasing price with OEM or pre-owned aircraft owner to benefit our client’s interest.
  • Prepare all paper works legal documents for ownership transfer.


Aircraft Registration

By cooperating with our shareholder Metrojet, Funian is qualified and fully capable of managing aircrafts registered in the following Jurisdiction to meet different requirement from our customer:

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • US
  • Bermuda
  • Cayman Islands
  • Isle of Man
  • Aruba
  • San Marino
  • Guernsey


Financing Solution
  • Provide a wide range of variety of financing options considering customer’s expected time of receiving aircraft, cycle of usage, and financial position.
  • Provide aircraft fiscal model for various types of aircraft, including operation cost, maintenance cost, cost of substitution during maintenance period and the expected income of putting the aircraft in charter service.
  • Provide access to reliable aircraft law and financing firm.


Maintenance Assurance
  • Provide you full pre-purchase inspection reports for various types of aircraft by using our own maintenance centers (MROs) authorized by major business aircraft manufacturers across the region.
  • Assign experts to supervise the production and delivery of the aircraft, to ensure the aircraft enrolled into services in the best condition on new aircraft purchasing.
  • Review the previous operation, maintenance and safety records, understand the background of the aircraft, and assign engineer to check the aircraft condition. Provide you the complete legal and technical services in pre-owned aircraft ownership transfer.

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