Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

Funian Aviation prides ourselves on being transparent and tailored while delivering the highest standards in managing your aircraft. We put utmost priority in training your crew, safety and maintenance to ensure that your aircraft is on standby for your use at all times.

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Safe & Efficient flight


– We offer a trouble free and flexible/tailor-made aircraft management solution. Exclusive Rich experienced flight crew are selected and exclusively assigned to meet different cabin requirements from each customer. Full maintenance program ensures your aircraft is always at the best shape
– We have maintained good cooperation with many airports and always assign handling staff on site. The know how important the customer privacy is in business aviation so we standardise flight procedures to ensure that all customers are well served and privacy is protected.


Cost control and optimisation


– Our program is designed to reduce your overall cost while utilizing your aircraft better. Charter revenue will be brought into your account subject your approval.
– We provide valid cost estimation before action. Monthly/quarterly financial reports along with invoice copy of third party will be well presented.
– Funian has incomparable MRO facilities in Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hongkong and Philippine, not only providing faster maintenance arrangement but also saving ferry cost to remote facilities.


Superior Aviation Asset protection


We understand that owning a business jet is a massive investment that comes with considerable daily expenses. Our group advantage and focus on maintenance allow you to simply enjoy managing your aviation asset by maximasing residual value while flying with flexibility and reliability.

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